THE DICE release the DOUBLE 6 E.P. (Beetroot Records release 2-12-2013)

Outta nowhere, from the humid streets of MARACAIBO, VENEZUELA via LONDON’S gritty underground comes THE DICE, aka BEETROOT RECORDS head honcho Alfonso Araujo with his debut EP, the freshest mix-up of Urban beats, sleazy grime bass lines, and phat hip-hop rhythms we’ve heard in ages..

“ROLL THE DICE” features EMCEE KILLA on vocals

(from CAXTON PRESS , London’s buzzing Hip-Hop collective fresh from supporting PUBLIC ENEMY at their recent Brixton show), who turns in a stunning,  expressive delivery over the Dice’s trademark dirty bass, with  a killer synth-line hook to seal the deal.

IMPULSE OF WAR reworks these elements into an alternative, more melodic cut with vocals from TIDDLES ( top female rapper from London’s punk underbelly) and JASON JAMES    (another killer wordsmith from Colchester’s folk protest scene ), whilst a remix from underground Acid Techno kingpins CHRIS LIBERATOR & STERLING MOSS fuses the edgy beats, flowing raps and needle sharp synths into an uptempodancefloor powerhouse.

This  is a taster for the forthcoming DICE album, an eclectic ensemble of brilliant songs somewhere between the cutting edge blues of MASSIVE ATTACK,  via PORTISHEAD, contemporary HIP-HOP and sleazy ROCK ‘N’ROLL, created with haunting electronic sounds, raw beats, dirty guitars, violins and some of the most interesting vocalists around, all put together by the extremely talented DICE MAN himself, someone you are gonna be hearing a lot more of in the coming months. We think the album’s something really special, but in the meantime, get your teeth into Double Six EP.


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