Retort Records aim to shake up the UK music industry

Based in Eastern Australia, Retort Records is a new label focussed on one mission statement – to release interesting music with adventurous composition and what they term an ‘Odyssean’ form.

What this means in practice is that they work exclusively with innovative artists who don’t conform to genre stereotypes, creating sprawling, epic pieces of brilliant instrumental music. Not only that, but they also specifically commission artwork from talented artists to create an even more evocative vinyl or digital release, making for a true hub of artistic creativity.

I am interested in the concept of the record label’s role as a curator”, says label runner Oliver Keefe. “Retort Records really fits the more adventurous listener whose taste isn’t confined to style or trend. For this type of listener the abundance of music and its ease of access can be both a blessing and a curse, as there is great music out there that can take ages to find, because it takes time to sift through stuff that either isn’t good quality, or just doesn’t suit your tastes.”

Listening to the eight artists currently in their stable, it quickly becomes clear that Retort Records are true to their word – ignoring obvious, commercially friendly releases in favour of some truly inspiring music by people who work outside the box.


Kashiwa Daisuke – Pour une Infante Defunte


Koby Israelite – Solitude


Lobsd – Usedom


Stellar Ink Pony – One Tiny Memory


Xenoscapes – Cities from Prehistoric


Zen Paradox – Magnetosphere


Hadal Drop – Clean Function


Leo Coman – Death Rattle Taunt




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