Lettie to releases Single ‘CrossRoads’





LABEL: White

Official website: http://www.lettiemusic.com



The young and stylish majesty of soulful, (similar to) French disco is set to release her new EP ‘Crossroads’ featuring Dave Barbarossa on 18th August.

Lettie’s edgy and original voice is made even more atmospheric with legendary Barbarossa’s tribal drumming and punk aspects added to her track, and the extremely positive comments on her smooth website, saying she is ‘enigmatic’ and suited to be ‘bubblegum pop’s cooler older sister’ show that she is definitely a rising star.

Vision Music Promotion have portrayed Lettie as a keen and inspiring individual, telling the world that she herself approached Barbarossa to produce the indie track. The press release also states that the song was recorded with ‘very few overdubs’- giving evidence for her pure and perfect voice and boldness.

This will no doubt make millions love her even more. Her success doesn’t even stop there- not only was ‘Crossroads’ mixed by Grammy award winner Cameron Craig, but she is also set to release her fourth album later this year which she worked on with Mark Vernon, the thriving journalist and broadcaster.

Lettie’s expert voice, Barbarossa’s historical and popular tribal drumming, and her professional links and killer confidence will get her track a long way in the music industry.

Legendary Dave Barbarossa as drummer for both Adam and the Ants and Bow Wow Wow was instrumental in creating the “Tribal” drumming trend that was popular among British and some American bands in the 70s and 80s. Having made a huge mark on punk music before drumming with Republica in the mid 1990s, he continues to perform with Adam Ant and his own band Cauldronated.


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