‘Contour Lines’ debut album from Shield Patterns

Shield Patterns


Track ‘Dust Hung Heavy’ features on new album ‘Contour Lines’, the debut album from Manchester based duo, Shield Patterns. 

Only two years on from their first meeting, Claire Brentnall and Richard Knox’s, the pair that make Shield Patterns, release their first album. Creating an alternative mix of dark elctro pop combined with the wonderfully haunting vocals that Brenthall delivers.

Check out one of tracks from the new album here:

Following on from critically lauded lead single ‘Dust Hung Heavy’, Contour Lines carries the listener deeper into their world. Each track is laden with the kind of dark atmospherics most groups take years to unearth. Here, the fragility of Brentnall’s early demos remains, but finds itself imbued with a richness of sound that can only come from studious soul searching and a cathartic creative process. The vulnerability of her intensely personal lyrics is tempered with highly processed strings, subby bass-lines, and ambient passages that brood as much as they shimmer. Lines between aesthetic and content are blurred, so that singer and song are intertwined.

Shield Patterns are set to tour the UK this November.

Find tour dates and venues here http://www.shieldpatterns.com/tour.html



Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/ShieldPatterns

Twitter –  https://twitter.com/shieldpatterns

Soundcloud – http://www.soundcloud.com/shieldpatterns


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