Unmissable opportunity for budding British musicians


Music raiser is an Italian crowd funding site that is set to reach the shores of Britain very soon.

The site received over €1,000,000 in fan contributions so far the master minds behind the project  are eager to get British musicians on board.

The site is the world’s first and only crowd funded record label and they are offering some projects on their site free promotional services. This amazing opportunity is on offer only to bands who the site’s music specialists believe have real potential.

Check them out here https://www.musicraiser.com/

Any unsigned band or musician that are looking for help with funding a music project check Music Raiser generates revenue from its prolific list of artists and bands looking to receive funding for a pre-planned project. As interest of the crowdfunding model has increased it has attracted the attention of investment.  Enter B Ventures and Key Capital.

These two investors are pledging money towards the start-up, to help boost promotion for young artists, allow music raiser to open an office in London and introduce themselves into the English market.

Don’t waste time getting in touch, hit them up now if you’re looking for funding for a future music project.


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