Madonna pretends to almost fall onstage due to wardrobe malfunction

It’s almost a year to the day that Madonna famously fell backwards due to a cape malfunction at last year’s Brit Awards.

Madonna seems to have paid homage to that moment by pretending to be pulled back by her veil onstage in Bangkok as part of her Rebel Heart World Tour.

Madonna is wearing a head veil whilst belting out her ’80’s hit, ‘Material Girl’, when she holds onto the veil making it look like she is going to fall backwards like she did almost a year ago. The irony that she is singing ‘living in a material world’ whilst jokingly pretending to be pulled back by material has not gone amiss.

The star almost ‘falls’ but manages to keep her balance and stay upright (see below). She did not go down whilst fighting this veil, and she won’t go down without a fight when it comes to the custody of her son, Rocco, who refused to fly back to America to be with his mum.

Rocco has been staying with his father, Guy Ritchie in London. A hearing date at court has been postponed until March 2.


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