“Surreal psychedelic visuals that look like something Dave Lynch would have created a the height of the 60s'” Earmilk

‘Simple Song’ Video –

Comprised of James Howard and Ursula Russell, formerly of Fiction and Drop Out Venus, London duo Blue House explore the intricacies of pop with a graceful swing. Their second single ‘Simple Song’ is set for release on March 18th via Arp Cleveland (Archie Bronson Outfit) and Kristian Robinson’s (Capitol K) newly founded Whipped Cream Records (Loose Meat, Super Best Friends Club, Bas Jan.) The label’s philosophy of unifying an emerging generation of English musicians with emphasis on deft poetics and quality song writing makes for a fitting partnership. The band will release their debut full length via the imprint later this year.

‘Simple Song’ follows Blue House’s charming debut ‘Hot Air Balloons’ and its hushed acoustic B-Side ‘Confessional.’ While the 90’s-esque ‘Hot Air Balloons’ demonstrated one facet of the band’s far-reaching sound and showcased their ability to craft an indie-pop gem, the latter recalled Elliott Smith at his most insular, decorated by Ursula’s voice and resonating in its own simplicity. Representing the first song the pair wrote together and following in a similar vein, upcoming single ‘Simple Song’ is a spontaneous and beguiling affair:

‘I came up with the lyrics the night before we went for our last day in the studio as James couldn’t find anything for the verse that seemed to fit. I didn’t want the song to be discarded so I locked myself in my room and decided I wouldn’t leave till they were done.’ Ursula Russell

The artwork continues the band’s ongoing collaboration with London based artist Phillip Reeves. The B-Side, ‘Hold Your Tongue’, is a short story narrated by Ursula based on Gogol’s ‘The Nose’, set to a deranged atmosphere of looping drums and bass and competing electric guitar improvisations.

Blue House play The Old Blue Last in London on 9th June and  End of the Road Festival in early September.



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