‘The Dream of Yesterday’

After a horrific car crash as a child left Adam Lancely’s brain injured and him unable to walk or talk, as if learning to speak again was not a challenge enough for him, he pushed himself to become a singer and has since developed his unique vocal style. The singer-songwriter defied all odds and now releases his new creative single ‘The Dream of Yesterday’.

Listen to the lead single ‘The Dream of Yesterday’ here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jfrk1d7hek5ljmz/Adam%20Lanceley%20-%20Track%202%20-%20The%20Dream%20of%20Yesterday.mp3?dl=0

 Stream here on Soundcloud:


Adam’s powerful and intriguing new track ‘The Dream of Yesterday’, about his journey through life, takes elements of Bob Dylan making it a unique feel good track. The combination of the victorious trumpets and encouraging guitar riff allows the listener to be entranced in the song.

After choosing to pursue a career in music, Adam has already released several albums and has slowly been developing his sound into the unique one it appears as today. He chose to take inspiration from old-skool production and unconventional instrumentation when forming his colourful new album ‘Postcards From Then…’

The simplicity of the track does not degrade the talent in which Adam expresses leaving the track as a must-listen for anyone looking for something a little left-field.


Watch this video to hear his story:









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