Matty T Wall brings summery ‘Blue Skies’

Perth born and bred Matty T Wall is already well on his way to joining legends just like Dave Hole, Bon Scott (ACDC) and the John Butler Trio. “I am like an

elastic band pulled really tight, ready to go,” he says. “That’s how I feel about my music.” In his youth following bands like Metallica and Sepultura he recognised how they honoured the blues masters before them, aspiring to be at their level he got into the blues and since Matty has “never gotten out of it.”.


“the bands did shine, and in the middle was Matty T Wall putting down some guitar as good as I’ve ever heard in that room, great tone, great choice of notes…” – Rik Van Der Velde, Perth Blues Club, head sound engineer

 “Wall’s own songs are all strong, well arranged and driven by his shimmering guitar work.”

“with a blistering clean tone, infectious chops and a swagger that’s soulful enough to rival that of any blues-fueled, American shredder, Australian-born guitarist Matty T. Wall proves the blues is alive and well Down Under.”

James Wood

“Wall gives us an absolute gem in Love Gone Away – a slow blues with simmering guitar playing that reaches right into your chest and grabs and twists your innards. The effect is visceral and moving.”


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