Free From Gravity EP Review

The Portsmouth four piece soft rock band Free From Gravity are back following multiple brilliant singles with their new EP ‘From Saints and Sinners’.

The EP is bursting with beautifully unique sounds, incredible guitar solos and artistic vocals from lead singer Vince. Following hot on the heals of their well received single ‘The Long Road’ which emotionally documented Vince’s mother’s battle with cancer, this new EP is just as full of passion and talent.

Listen to the EP here:


‘Saints and Sinners’ caught my attention straight away with its rock inspired solid guitar riffs, with the classic rock sound reminiscent of Eagles or the Kaiser Chiefs. The song deserves to be played at full volume with and is the perfect fun easy listening soundtrack.

‘Step into the room’ has a rather different feel, being more emotive and thought provoking than ‘Saints and Sinners’. Encouraging the listener to step into the light it really makes you think adding depth and meaning to the track. This makes it not just a beautiful song but also one with true substance.

‘Crazy Lady’ is probably the track with the most commercial value, with it’s catchy and memorable chorus. The song centres around the theme of love and falling for someone and Vince’s vocals combined with the background guitar creates a lovely track with evidence of real musical skill.

The band are set to play a couple of festivals this summer including Gosport Festival and Willow Festival in a couple of weeks. Why not try and head and see them live… I’m sure if this EP is anything to go by it will be worth it!


Here are the guys’ links so you can check them out some more:




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