Carina Round REVIEW

I absolutely love Carina Round’s Album ‘Deranged to Divine’, although they’re all fantastic my favourite is the lead track ‘You Will Be Loved’. This track harnesses a really interesting blend of electronic 808 percussion and acoustic piano, meandering atmospheric pads and the wandering chords feel restless like the desire to feel appreciated and have a sense of belonging. Starting with a sparse texture I love the progression throughout that leads to a very uplifting live instrumental section

‘You Will Be Loved’ taken from her new album ‘Deranged to Divine’ has a sombre opening with a synth like trumpet fade in joined by a lovely harmonic relationship between her vocals and the warm piano. Whilst predominantly feeling on the darker end of the spectrum there are brief moments of happy tonality and uplifting vocal lines reminiscent of the brief moments of elation one might feel. To aid this, towards end of the song acoustic percussion, choral ensemble, live brass section and subtle synthesis create a lush soft wall of sounds you just want to throw yourself into.


‘Message To Apollo’ is a wonderfully quirky rather hypnotising track from Carina Round’s brand new album ‘Deranged to Divine’. Something that fascinates me about this track is the huge, in my opinion, amount of influences I can hear in it. With harmonic progressions reminiscent of Jeff Buckley’s ‘Grace’, Luscious vocals, American like guitar slides, James Blake style instrumental motifs and her own unique style it makes for an excellent listening experience. ‘Message To Apollo’ is going to be in my classics playlist as soon as I buy it!

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