Cado – ‘Take Me Back’

cado-take-me-back-ep-coverAfter stealing a Beatles album age 10, Cado’s musical journey began, he is a rock and roll artist who sings and writes all of his own material, he is also a multi-instrumentalist and has a self-confessed obsession with the music of the fifties and sixties.

Cado, takes you back to the swinging sixties with his track ‘Take Me Back’. It is an extremely classic Rock and Roll track, which definitely makes you think of an era when girls would wear flowing dresses and the guys in dickie bows and they would dance properly, nothing like the youth of today where people don’t necessarily dance in couples, ever. I think maybe because of my age, this track reminds me of one of the scenes in Grease where they are at the competition dancing, I could imagine Cado’s ‘Take Me Back’ as the soundtrack.

‘Take Me Back’ really makes me wish I was alive in the sixties to experience the music, but instead I can only imagine whilst listening to Cado, which is good enough for me.

Check out the track here:



The multi instrumentalist has toured the UK and Ireland with The Shades and in early 2016 he began recording a collection of songs inspired by the music he adores. Every instrument on the EP was performed by him allowing him make music that he truly loves.

This is not a genre I am overly familiar with but I want to thank Cado, for introducing me and sharing his music with me allowing me to find a new genre and passion for something different to everything else out there at the moment.


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