‘Black Hole Friday’ by Homesick Mick

Singer-songwriter, Homesick Mick, is bringing out his debut EP, Black Hole Friday, on the same day as Black Friday in order to combat the commercialisation around the event and also to protest against billionaire tycoon, Sir Philip Green, who has extorted BHS employees of their pensions.

Alongside this, Homesick Mick has begun a social media campaign called ‘Philip Free Friday’ to raise awareness of Sir Philip’s dishonourable behaviour and urge him to pay back the pensions. The campaign is aiming to prevent people shopping at the ‘Arcadia’ stores belonging to Sir Philip Green, such as Topshop and Miss Selfridge in the hope that they will realise they are fueling the greed of a corrupt billionaire.

The Black Hole Friday EP features four songs: ‘La Troc’, ‘French Blooze’, ‘Beautiful Thing’ and ‘Prisoner to the Past’ which will offer a taste of things to come in Homesick Mick’s musical journey. In January 2017, the EP will then be followed up by The Mysterious Abduction and Return of Homesick Mick, a full length album mastered at Abbey Road studios.

Find out more on Homesick Mick and his campaign here:



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