Nancy Black returns with sassy EP ‘Dirty Little Bass’

Singer-songwriter Nancy Black returns with sassy EP ‘Dirty Little Bass’ written in a strange moment of euphoria. The English pop princess recently went through a messy breakup but instead of breaking down, Black used music as a form of therapy, producing the brilliant ‘Dirty Little Bass’. Black hasn’t always been this confident as she originally didn’t have the faith that she could go solo. After being in an all-girl rock band in her teens, she developed her sound and finally went solo.

The independent singer-songwriter has become known for her formidable sass and style leading to her collaborating with hip hop artists Lonzo Starr and Young Rob. She has also gained support from Major Lazor after reaching number 8 on the Music Week Commercial Chart.

The EP is bursting with pop anthems but with emotive lyrics and dirty dance beats controlling the tracks, ‘Dirty Little Bass’ is infectious and addictive.

Watch the music video to ‘Dirty Little Bass’ here:



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