Review: JJ Leone’s Single ‘Reload’ Is A Dark Yet Soothing Installment From The Dark Soul Singer


JJ Leone has released new single ‘Reload’, and its a beauty!

This relaxing, good vibe piece is a perfect listen for any time. As JJ’s past a is an eclectic mix of different styles and genres, this draws element from all of his favourite artists and people that inspire him in writing and performance.

As the beat is reminiscent of a steady paced grime rhythm, the soft jazz off beat guitar is a harmonious and diverse addition, which gives the track depth. As the bass is heavy and almost enchanting, the mix of JJ’s vocals make this a tune that you can just sink into. As for the guitar solo, elements of Prince and Hendrix bleed through, provoking peaceful melodies all the while making sure that this is a track that everyone will love.

JJ has proven once again, that he can bring the thunder, as well as the calm.

Be sure to check his music and social media out:







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