The Hip-Hop Storyteller: Tony Banks

Based in Brooklyn, New York, Music Bear Tony Banks is aiming to be perceived as the ultimate hip-hop storyteller, and his latest single ‘Run!’ would suggest that he is more than on his way to achieving this.

As part of the LGBT community, Tony has fought against the typical mainstream image that hip-hop music is a hetero-dominated genre, finding his own corner of the musical world which sees him mixing a potent blend of rap, dance and house with his own genre of hip-hop. It’s music for the club, it’s music for everyday and most importantly, it’s music for today with the way that it highlights the faults in society and the oppression of black lives in America.

Many perceive the genre of hip-hop to be nothing more than fast lyrics and attitude, but Tony Banks has transformed the style into something much more with ‘Run!’, managing to tell a story beneath the pulsating beats and soul inspired vocals of collaborators, EarthTone and JwlB.

Standing out from the crowd whilst going from nothing to something, all on his own merits with the help of his outspoken and unapologetic personality – Tony personifies the American Dream. This guy is more than just an artist.



‘Give Me Dynamite’ by Ginny Vee

Italian singer-songwriter Ginny Vee has released her storming dance anthem, ‘Give Me Dynamite’, and it does not disappoint.

After being spotted by famous L.A producer, Christian De Walden, who introduced Ginny to the guys at Mind The Floor Records, Vee is now on her way up in dance-pop circles after dropping her latest single at the Amsterdam Dance event, where it caused a real stir.

It’s been a tough road for Ginny, with her family often suggesting she “get a secure job” any time she spoke of a career in music. Firstly Vee went law school but she soon left to follow her passion and joined a creative arts school. She then worked as a model and travelled to LA where she pursued an acting career, working on set with Michael Rooker. However Ginny’s passion was always singing and the cover group Belle Ma Belle was formed where she has worked alongside some of the biggest names in the Italian music industry. After a few years she made the break from the group and headed in her own direction.

Check out more on Ginny Vee here:


Nancy Black returns with sassy EP ‘Dirty Little Bass’

Singer-songwriter Nancy Black returns with sassy EP ‘Dirty Little Bass’ written in a strange moment of euphoria. The English pop princess recently went through a messy breakup but instead of breaking down, Black used music as a form of therapy, producing the brilliant ‘Dirty Little Bass’. Black hasn’t always been this confident as she originally didn’t have the faith that she could go solo. After being in an all-girl rock band in her teens, she developed her sound and finally went solo.

The independent singer-songwriter has become known for her formidable sass and style leading to her collaborating with hip hop artists Lonzo Starr and Young Rob. She has also gained support from Major Lazor after reaching number 8 on the Music Week Commercial Chart.

The EP is bursting with pop anthems but with emotive lyrics and dirty dance beats controlling the tracks, ‘Dirty Little Bass’ is infectious and addictive.

Watch the music video to ‘Dirty Little Bass’ here:


Andrea Di Giovanni releases atmospheric new electropop single ‘I’ll Take Care of Myself’

21-year-old Italian-born singer, Andrea Giovanni (photo credit: Barbara Gallozzi – Photo Studio Imag&vents), is set to release atmospheric new electropop song, ‘I’ll Take Care of Myself’, set to drop April 15th. Taking influence vocally from Sam Smith and Jess Glynne, the artist delivers a soaring vocal performance that has the potential to appeal both to underground fans and the masses. Marco Casaluce produces the instrumental, opening with brooding synth swells before erupting with some hard-hitting bass.

Catch a teaser here:

Raised in Rome, Andrea moved to the UK in 2013 to pursue his dreams as a singer. A sufferer of the rare skin condition vitiligo, Andrea was bullied in the youth for the affliction putting him in a very dark place. His strict Catholic upbringing also made it hard for him to openly come to terms with his bixesuality. Moving to the UK, he was able to finally find acceptance, learning to embrace them as strengths instead of weaknesses.

As he explains himself, ‘I started to see vitiligo as my edge and distinctive characteristic of my personality, a strength. I decided to show it in the covert art-work of the single, ‘taking care of myself’ means also the ability to transform what you’ve always considered weaknesses into beautiful strengths.

Andrea also has an EP ‘Soultrip’ on the way scheduled for release in July.






Twitter: @adigiovannioff


Profound electro-pop EP ‘Circles’ from up-and-coming singer Francesco, aka 1ofUs

Up-and-coming Italian singer and songwriter, 1ofUs delivers his debut EP, CIRCLES, a stunning electropop record themed around his life’s journey.

Having attempted to pursue a career in music over two decades ago (he was signed to Warner at one point), the artist was forced to abandon his dreams after his project due to ‘reasons not pertaining to the music, regrettably, in the end, never eventuated’.

Pouring his creative energy into a career in Architecture, he opened his own studio in Frankfurt, Germany where he spent the next three years. He then moved back to Northern Italy where he continued to work for the next 20 years projecting buildings and vast urban areas across Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Listen to ‘Home’ here:

This long overdue EP sees the artist finally returning to music, reflecting on his experience with a newfound wisdom.

This is the origin of the EP title, CIRCLES,’ he explains. ‘Everything in life comes back somehow, like a circle.

No longer young, CIRCLES nonetheless feels surprisingly fresh in sound, sporting some very flashy and modern electronic instrumentation courtesy of producers Andy Whitmore and Matt Knight. Born on the border between Italy and Slovenia, his music also contains a touch of Italian/Balkan influence. The album was recorded and produced in London. Lead single ‘Home’ takes inspiration from the November 2015 Paris bombings, reflecting on the need for home as a place of peace for oneself and for others. It is a topical and highly relatable song that proves Francesco’s musical relevance and his talents as a lyricist.

As he further explains: ‘the song touches on the difficulties of being free, of loving, of being together, and the fact that this hardship must not stop the journey towards our soul.

A music video is in the works scheduled to be finished by mid-April.


Simply Stunning – Real Ibiza Volume 8


After a 8 year hiatus React is ever so pleased to be returning with Volume 8 of Real Ibiza. First launched in 2000 Real Ibiza was one of the first wave of Ibiza / Balearic inspired compilations. A cornerstone of the genre alongside the Café Del Mar series. Real Ibiza gets inside the Balearic bloodstream by mixing in downtempo sensibilities, mellow house, cool jazz and plentiful doses of evening sunwashed grooves. For episode 8 Bahamian DJ Loudery takes a trip to the white isle and samples its musical DNA.

Although the sounds on this compilation all may Balearic, the producers from behind them are truly a global bunch. Ibiza spreads a wide net. First up, Glasgow based Korvids drip into the soundscape with the sleazy, jazzy, sax driven opener “Ursula My Dear”. Next Dutch based Electronic Bodyguards take things on a vocal twist. More saxophones, on point electric guitar and a beach handclap beat.

Two regulars from the Real Ibiza series are English man Chris Coco and Scandinavian Lenny Ibizarre. Here they join forces for their reggae tinted take on the Peter Green / Fleetwood Mac classic “Albatross”. Staying Sweden side Polar Rundfunk team with Annemarie Zimakoff for beachside, moonwashed, forlorn love song in “Dreaming About You”. 1Blip2 are next with their percussive, quirky seaside groove. Things slow down for the ambient “Hollow Words” from Jamie Isaac before the summer time groove is back with “Plaids Aquatic” from UK based “The Village Elephant”.

We take a short Spanish themed detour, first with the glorious Spanish guitar from Dimitry Raschepkin and then some bossa nova beats from Argentinian Augustin Pereyra Lucena. No Balearic compilation would be complete without a visitation from Café Del Mar resident Jose Padilla. Here he contributes his muscular downtempo houser “Elixir”. Italian based American Tony Carascco (one half of Klein and MBO) shows his mellower side with the beautiful sax melody from “Primavera” from his Audio Affair project. “Lost Angel” follows, smooth sax and leftfield groove from the Russian pair Voronsov and Dorohov.

“Tangerine” from UK based Amane is next, some downtempo soundscape to set the tone for Amani (yup one letter difference) with the haunting “Shine On Me” Ilya Santana providing the sister island remix. A third producer-trip to Sweden for this compilation is next with Kenneth Bagers “Amazing”. Big grooves, big hooks and early heaving house groove to cherish. “My Boo (Don’t Forget)” is next from Dubai based Glass Coffee sounding adding in spooky samples overlaid into a hot evening mellow groove.

We round off the sound trip with a brand new track from San Francisco producer Sorcerer “Secret Agent”. This mans music just bleeds summer in its veins. Layers of tight Stratocaster and poolside groove. Things close up with another track from the Korvids, here they team up with Jose Padilla for his chilled out version of their Beach Coma epic.

Ladies and Gentlemen enjoy the summertime.


Alpines – No Other Lover

Fresh new video from the Alpines! Contemporary, clean , conceptually unique and well presented they are a group to be contended with. An interesting blend of mysticism, ambience, pop, dance and house means you should watch this!

Having gained support from the likes of Huw Stephens at BBC Radio 1 and Lauren Laverne on 6music, Alpines look set to breakthrough to the mainstream this year with their widely anticipated debut album ‘Oasis’, which is out via Untrue Records on 26th May.

In case you missed it, you can stream the album title track ‘Oasis’ here –

And watch the official video to ‘Oasis’ here –