Far From Home: Julia Mascetti’s Brand New EP ‘In Distance, Everything Is Poetry’ Greets Us With Influence From Home



For a girl who spent her time trying to bring Japan to the UK, she’s done a pretty good job of bringing the UK to Japan.

Julia Mascetti’s always had a large interest in the cultural and colourful aspects of Japanese culture.

After studying at the University of Leeds, in which she graduated, as well as assumed position of Principal Harpist in the University orchestra. Which helped Julia gain skill and detail to her playing and overall abilities.

In 2015, Julia re-located to Japan with her Japanese/British Boyfriend.  She taught English to for 6 months, before becoming a Music teacher, which then led into her freelancing. She has spent time in Japan Travelling, busking and playing live gigs and promoting the music of her homeland and heritage, which consists of Welsh Folk music and other styles and genres.

With the release of her brand new EP in set to be released on 10th November , with single ‘In Bloom’ being a beautiful and gentle introduction to Julia’s recent opus.





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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/juliamascetti
Website: https://tokyoharp.blog