Homerik Take Metal by the Scruff of the Neck

There are two great truisms both in the film world and the music world: horror fans and metal fans are notoriously loyal. A fan of Diamond Head from the early 80s is 99% almost certainly still a fan of their music now, even if just in a nostalgic sense. Similarly, horror fans will most likely quote their top ten films without a moment’s hesitation – there may have been the odd new entry over the years but, chances are, it’s the same list they could have given you twenty years ago, more or less.

Homerik are one of those bands you feel you could grow up with. They’ve done their homework both musically and academically, with the sounds of metal both aged and modern flowing through their limbs, and the lore of the ancients stalking through their lyrics. There’s a comfort that they, like you, actually care about what they’re doing – they aren’t just throwing songs out there for the Hell of it, there’s time and great thought in the material they have created: it matters.

Tracks like Unforgotten Kin are stridently committed – there’s no gentle introduction, you’re flung straight into the maelstrom of what sound like angry monks fighting even angrier New Yoik noiseniks. With some tribal incantations thrown in. This is Homerik’s world, where stories are told but you are invited to actually live through them. No sooner have you begun to piece together exactly what you’ve just experienced than you’re straight into An Angel of Darkness, a symphonic gallop with a soprano and a church organ and little regard for your expectations.

As the album concludes with The Legion, there’s a surprising feeling of sadness that your journey with the band has ended. If you’re any music fan worth their salt, you’ve invested at least partially what the band have put in. Homerik’s many-tentacled arms may veer slightly towards trying too hard to cram in that little extra violin sweep and histrionic voice but the sheer effort is terrific. Bravo, sirs. And madams. And monks.

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1Ry0Y2JiVXjpidTHDpYVQx

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Website: https://www.homerik.org/


New rock project Gravity Rain unleash ‘The Shining Silence’ EP

Russian songwriter offers up 3 track melodic metal release – Out Now

Specialising in rhythmically complex, melodic rock with all the power of metal music but with added tunefulness, Gravity Rain is the new music project of Russian songwriter Danny Klaven.

His new three track EP ‘The Shining Silence’ is out now, and showcases a mix of influences including Tool, Devin Townsend and Staind to name a few. The EP demonstrates a real talent for balancing effective melodies with the power of full on rock music.

Available to stream and download at a price of your choice – visit gravityrain.bandcamp.com – ‘The Shining Silence’ is out now and highly recommended for fans of all types of contemporary rock.

The blended sound of powerful metal music and contemplative, lyrical vocals is summed up perfectly by the EP artwork. Showing an unnaturally huge, stoneborn giant staring at the natural beauty of a growing tree, it demonstrates the mix of ideas that sums up the three songs – the impact of metal music married to the beauty of melody.

In the words of Danny Klaven himself: When I was forming this band, I wanted to create music for the rock lovers that is not aggressive, that you could think and somewhat meditate while listening to it, that will have a lot of melody, beautiful vocals, but will retain the power of metal guitars and drums.”

It’s an ambition which is more than met with ‘The Shining Silence’ EP – available now online.








Neuronspoiler ‘Take the Stage’ In New Release!

Neuronspoiler ‘Take the Stage’ In New Release!

 Taken from their most recent album Emergence (2013) the single was created by the then newest member of the band, Dave Shirman. He came up with all of the music for this track almost entirely as it appears on the album and JR wrote the lyrics and melodies in a matter of days.

Listen to the track here: http://neuronspoiler.bandcamp.com/track/take-the-stage

Neuronspoiler website: http://www.neuronspoiler.com/

Neuronspoiler have recently massively gained in popularity having been praised by the likes of Herman Li (Dragonforce), Steve Harris (Iron Maiden) and Dennis Stratton (ex-Iron Maiden) who actually said he wanted to break David del Cid’s fingers because he would put him out of a job!

The legendary rock and metal journalist Malcolm Dome has also praised the band, he recently put them in a list of bands which could transform your life in the next 12 months, and said of them that “they can really play” and that “there are truly rich passages of guitar interplay” in their music.

Lyrically ‘Take the Stage’ is about the desire to perform on stage and the fact that the band feel most at home on in front of a crowd. It relates to their love of live music and the fact that they revel in the energy created by a pumped up crowd at a gig.  In their own words it represents “the desire to achieve something greater than the ordinary…be cast in the starring role in your own life and to inhabit the special moment when you’re doing what you love”.

They are already well known around Europe: in the past 3 years they have headlined at the Summer Fall Festival in Poland and at the 02 Academy, they have also played at Hard Rock Hell in Ibiza and Camden Underworld. As a result of their international fame they regularly get fans travelling to see them from countries like Poland and Austria.

Neuronspoiler have also played with some massive acts in the world of metal such as Wolf, the Quireboys, Dennis Stratton (ex-Iron Maiden) and Metal Works (featuring Richie Faulkner of Judas Priest).

A particularly interesting aspect of the band is their approach to music and technology. Like any top notch musicians they are, by their own admission, fairly obsessed with music. JR (vocals), David del Cid (guitar), Tim Barclay (drums), Erick Tekilla (bass) and Dave Shirman (guitar) are all interested in intellectual pursuits like philosophy, history, science, social justice and technology. Shirman in fact recently released an iPhone app called ‘Metal Venue Guide’ that lists metal venues around the world – for the dedicated fan.

Get some more info on Neuronspoiler here:

–          https://www.facebook.com/Neuronspoiler

–          https://twitter.com/neuronspoiler

–          http://www.youtube.com/user/neuronspoiler

–          https://myspace.com/neuronspoiler











Damn Dice Set To Release Long Awaited EP ‘Wild ‘N’Ready’


Already having a dedicated fan base,a European tour supporting L.A Guns and even offers from numerous labels under their belts, Damn Dice is ready set for big things with their new 6 track EP ‘Wild ‘N’Ready’.

Relatively new to the music scene (only together since 2011), Damn Dice have gained respect amongst music fans, musicians and critics alike. Damn Dice has had positive feedback flooding in from all directions even from big names like Vince Neil of Mötley Crüe and Beau Hill of Beau Hill Productions (Alice Cooper, Europe, Warrant, Stevie Nicks). Taking influences from classic rock to metal and everything in between, Damn Dice’s music is a powerful combination of all kinds of genres with the energy of a 70’s punk band and the punch of a modern metal band.

“Damn Dice” refers to the band’s motto and the message they try and put across in their music: “live your life, don’t think twice, just roll the damn dice!” The band has followed this motto their entire career, it’s what made brothers Fransoa (drummer) and Wallis (guitarist) move to London to start the band and the same reason that pushed Marco (bassist)to do the same. The motto has been a constant influence in everything the band does together, from song writing to band business.

‘Wild Into The Night’ is the first video from the upcoming EP ‘Wild ‘N’Ready’. Filmed in the band’s London flat, the video showcases a true rock and roll lifestyle: throwing televisions out of windows, partying and playing live. After the television was hurled-full pelt out of the window one of the band’s concerned neighbours called the police to stifle the racket. After discovering that Damn Dice were filming a music video no further action was taken due to the fact that the policeman on duty turned out to be a dedicated rock fan.

‘Wild ‘N’Ready’ is released on 21st October 2013

Watch the ‘Wild Into The Night’ video here: